Hard chrome plated bars

Chromium-plated steel bars with electrochemical process without hexavalent chromium.
The fundamental feature of this product is high dimensional precision to meet tolerance f7-h6-h7 Chromium plating gives high surface hardness and corrosion resistance.
The bars used for the chrome plating process can be laminated according to EN 10083 or cold-finished (drawn, turned or ground), according to EN 10277. Chromium rods are mainly used in the hydraulic industry for the production of piston rods hydraulic cylinders, however, this product can also be applied to other areas requiring dimensional precision and wear resistance.
A cutting service is tailored to any type of steel quality, with CNC machine-controlled saw blades.
We have highly qualified operators able to meet your demands with precision and punctuality.


 C45E normailsed carbon steel also for induction hardening
20MnV6 micro-bound steel at normalized vanadium
42CrMo4 B. medium-alloy reclaimed steel also for induction hardening

Dimensional range
 From Ø 6 mm of Ø 200 mm on request other measures

Bar lenght
 6.000 ÷ 7.000 mm

Condition of material
Natural, reclaimed, hardened, reclaimed and hardened

Tollerances ISO
 f7 h6 h7

Chrome layer thickness
Ø < 20 mm = min. 15 μm
Ø ≥ 20 mm = min. 20 μm

Heavy chrome
Ø < 20 mm = min. 30 μm
Ø ≥ 20 mm = min. 40 μm

Surface roughness
Ra max 0,2μm Rt max 3,00μm

Hard surface of the chrome
Hv 900 – 1050

1/2 Tolleranza

Ø ≤ 16 mm: max 0.3 mm/1.000 mm
Ø > 16 mm: max 0.3 mm/1.000 mm

Endurance to the corrosion
Ø < 20 mm NSS 72 h rating 9
Ø ≥ 20 mm NSS 120 h - 200 h - 500 h rating 9
Norma ISO 10289:1999 / ISO 9227

Each bar is individually protected by a plastic sheath or cardboard

Caratteristiche meccaniche

Caratteristiche meccaniche

Analisi chimica

Analisi chimica
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