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    Extensive experience as
    chrome-plated bar suppliers

    Bricom Srl specialises in chrome-plated bars. To be an excellent supplier, it can count on its owners’ experience of over thirty years in the sector and a consolidated client and supplier network that immediately placed its trust in this company based first and foremost on professionalism and market knowledge. The companies that put their trust in Bricom expect quality products and unequalled service. To meet this requirement, the products are originally certified by the manufacturers, whose dimensions meet the f7-h6-h7 tolerances or others as required by the standards, and on which the chrome plating is able to impart a high surface hardness and resistance to corrosion, a fundamental characteristic for use in certain areas. The chrome-plated bars supplied by Bricom are used particularly in the hydraulics and pneumatics sectors, where they are used especially for hydraulic cylinder pistons. They can also be used in all other areas where dimensional accuracy and resistance to wear are required of materials. Chrome-plated bars can be sold not only as standard, but also cut to size using a service tailored to the type of steel quality: the cut is made with band saws in order to meet customer requirements and product quality standards with the utmost precision. Each cut made is planned and optimised by choosing the batch in stock most suitable for the specific use, and utmost attention is paid to the entire process to achieve the most suitable result. Highly qualified employees monitor all stages of the order in detail, who intervene not only in the selection and potential cutting of the chrome-plated bars, but also in all the activities involved in completing and preparing the order, such as packaging and shipping. Prompt delivery has been one of Bricom’s hallmark strengths since its foundation and is an aspect that the company intends to constantly reinforce, with the aim of combining product quality with the ability to cope with the fast delivery times required. Founded in 2016, Bricom has grown considerably in just a few years by working with national and international operators in the hydraulics and pneumatics sectors, and cylinder manufacturers in particular. In addition, Bricom also meets the demands of customers from the construction, automotive, shipbuilding and aerospace industries. The now continuous and stable collaboration with Italian and European companies for the purchase and sale of chrome-plated bars has also been the impetus for pursuing ever-increasing quality, shown not only through client satisfaction but also in obtaining UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification. The profound experience of the specialised staff and in particular of the owners, the quality procedures followed for years, and the attention and passion for this work have been essential to achieving important satisfactions over the years, with the aim of making Bricom Srl an increasingly consolidated company capable of satisfying clients in the demanding and precision sector that is chrome-plated bars.